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The Pom Pom Challenge is to decorate Egerton Park to celebrate

 on June the 4th 2022.  There are 4,000 posts around the Park and we plan to cover each one with a Pom Pom.  Every Sunday the website will be updated with the Pom Pom Count and how many days to go. Everyone is welcome to participate, the more the merrier.   If anyone would like to donate wool please TEXT 07715 284409

Recycle: All the Pom Poms will be reused, more to follow.



1. Makers Loft, 18 Sackville Road, Bexhill.

2. Jacobs Haverdashery, 36 St Leonards St, Bexhill.

3. A Touch of Glamour, 32 Cooden Sea Road, Little Common.

Wool - please TEXT 07715 284409 if you need wool.

PomPom makers Jacobs Haberdashery have plenty in stock and so does Makers Loft (18 Sackville Rd).


How to Make:

If you have a Pom Pom Gadget this is how to use it:

  1.  Holding the two parts together to start place thumb on end of wool and wrap the wool around do one side at a time go over the hinge to the other side.

  2. Clip together by using a clip on each side.

  3. Cut the wool around the circle between the two circles.  Do not take off clips yet

  4. Cut a length of wool, approximately 10 inches, tie tightly around the centre leave the tails do not cut off

  5. Take off clips and pull apart, pom pom complete

Pompoms: how to make with a pompom maker! - YouTube

If you want to do the old fashioned way with cardboard

  1. Trace out a a circle on a piece of cardboard (7cm) The size of your circle will be the size of your pom pom

  2. Cut out circle

  3. Draw a smaller circle within the circle.

  4. Cut out the little circle.

  5. Make a small “v” where you cut out the little circle to make the yarn easier to pull through. Repeat steps 1-5 to make a second circle.

  6. Hold the two circles together and wrap the yarn through the notch and around evenly around the sides of the circle.

  7. Wrap the yarn until the circle in the middle is filled in.

  8. Use a pair of scissors to cut the yarn between the two circles all the way around.

  9. Cut a length of yarn and tie a tight knot around the middle of the pom-pom. Bring the yarn around the other side and tie another, the tighter the better!

  10. Trim the pom pom to make it round and even… and that’s how to make pom poms with wool – Making a pom pom has never been so easy! Leave the tails on so that we can hang it on the post.


How to Make Pom Poms [DIY Easy Method] - Gathered